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What is American Football and How Its Played

The popularity of football in the world is no longer in doubt. In Europe and Asia, football has always been the number one sport and spectacle, with the most fans and followers. The continent of Europe, moreover, is studded with stars and football idols. Every week, millions of pairs of sports lovers’ eyes are drawn to the matches held in each country in Europe.

If in European and Asian countries, football always occupies the most popular sport, it’s a different story in the United States. It turns out that football is not the first, second, and not even third. Reporting from, football is in fifth place. It is above the sport of boxing in sixth position and below Hocky who is in fourth position. Basketball is so famous in the world only occupies the third position. So what sports are the most popular there? The first order is American Football which is more popular than Baseball which is ranked second. For those enamored by the thrills and tactics of American Football, the culmination of every season is the iconic Super Bowl; and there’s no better way to experience it live than by securing Super Bowl tickets at TicketSmarter.

American Football is played on a grass field measuring 53 yards x 100 yards (43.9 m x 91.2 m) and is played by 22 people divided into 2 teams. At first glance, this hard sport doesn’t seem much different from the football that Lionel Messi et al. usually plays, but the reality is different.

Although it has the appendage of “football” but american football has a different way of playing when compared to soccer. In addition to how to play american football is mostly by using hands, a striking difference lies in the ball used, where this sport uses an oval shaped ball.

Game Concept

To win a match, a team must score more goals than its opponent in a match lasting 4 quarters x 15 minutes.

The game starts with the defending team taking a kick, kick off, towards the opposing team. After the attacking team catches the kick ball, they must try to bring it to the finish line to score a touchdown (getting 6 points), while the defending team is tasked with blocking by grabbing the ball (tackle).

If the ball stops before scoring a touchdown, the attacking team is given 4 chances (downs) to score or at least take the ball forward 10 yards to get 4 new downs. But if the ball fails to go 10 yards, then the attacking team must kick the ball forward and control of the ball shifts to the defending team.

Scoring Points in American Football

The main way to score points in this game is by touchdown. In addition, a team can earn points in various ways and most often with extra points. Extra points can be obtained through the game scheme carried out after scoring a touchdown.

These additional points can be earned by kicking the ball towards the goal (additional 1 point) or by bringing the ball to the finish line (additional 2 points).

The attacking team can also score 3 points by kicking the ball towards the goal (if possible) on a down without scoring a touchdown.

The defending team can also get 2 points if they succeed in scoring a safety or making a tackle to the ball carrier while behind their own goal line

Team Settings

Just like rugby and the common “football” people are familiar with, American football is played by 11 people with their respective positions and roles. In an nfl parlays team, there are 3 main units, namely the attacking team (offensive unit), the defensive team (defensive unit), and the special team (special team).

The offensive unit is in charge when the team is in an attacking position, the defensive unit is in charge when the team is in a defensive position, and the special team is in charge of the kicking and punting positions.

Everyone on an American football team usually has their own role in each unit, but there can also be multiple overlapping roles in different units. For example, a running back (RB) in an offensive unit can also act as a kick/punt returner on a special team.

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