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What to Wear when Hiking Norway’s Mountains

Planning on tackling any of Norway’s majestic mountains is a lesson in packing for all seasons.

Pack the right clothing and gear for a safe hike – and be prepared for any eventuality. Hiking in summer and winter brings with it specific safety and comfort requirements when it comes to your clothing and what to pack. If you’re a Norwegian hiking newbie or you’re in the market for new hiking and camping clothing, you can visit Norskeanmeldelser. With feedback, opinions, and advice from real customers who’ve bought outdoor clothing and camping equipment, you can make better-informed decisions by reading those experiences on this Norwegian review website.

Finding the right gear for your activity

Norway’s world-famous for its vast lakes, forests, and mountains. Hiking takes you to the heart of this Scandinavian country’s beauty. Escaping into the great outdoors at every opportunity – for camping, hiking, water sports, cycling, running, and more – keeps Norwegians fit and healthy.

Living in Norway means you’ll need to wear layers to brace for the changing seasons each day. A popular clothing store is called Stromberg. A wide range of products to suit every budget means this store will help you to pack for your hiking adventure in the Norwegian mountains. Don’t take our word for it, though. By clicking on this link, you’ll read reviews of this company as well as the products it sells shared by actual customers. Customer reviews offer insightful and honest opinions and experiences to assess the performance of a company. These reviews help simplify your decision-making process when looking for clothing fit for walking Norway’s mountains.

What to wear for hiking in Norway’s mountains

Safety first, always. Especially when you’re hiking in mountains you’ve never encountered before. Preparation prevents poor performance: pack for all four seasons. This way you’ll be safe and comfortable at all times. When you’re hiking in Norway’s mountain ranges, remember that functional clothing takes precedence over fashion. Yes, that pink or purple hiking jacket might look great, but without winter-proofing, it will be useless when the weather turns for the worse.

There are three main layers you’ll need to pack in your backpack:

  • A base layer that comprises thermal underwear and winter socks
  • A fleece or wool sweater
  • An outer layer that’s water- and wind-proof

Your footwear is especially important. If you wear the wrong shoes, you’ll not only be uncomfortable but you’ll likely end up with blisters and infections on your heels and toes. That’s the last thing you’ll want to happen when hiking a remote mountain ridge in Norway… Ensure you have sneakers and waterproof hiking boots with a solid sole.

Technical and performance fabrics have transformed the clothing hikers wear. However, traditional wool sweaters are still the most popular and versatile. They are durable, warm, and lightweight. Even wool socks – worn for centuries by hikers and adventurers in Norway – are still popular. We’d also recommend packing in a hat, scarf, gloves, sunglasses, and a rain jacket.


Check the weather before you leave on your hike. Avoid hiking in adverse weather conditions. Also, be prepared for the weather to change at a moment’s notice.

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